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A few posts ago I shared some of the little signs I made for our home. You were warned then that there would be more signs, and I wasn't kidding!

This is the latest offering:

To make this one I stole borrowed some tiny porcelain tiles from Hub-a-Lubs's workshop (he was going to tile the top of the kitchen cart he is making but changed his mind.) Then I painted one letter on each one like this:

 And mounted them on a painted piece of MDF cut to size. Hub-a-Lubs kindly framed the finished product. I wasn't sure where I wanted to put it so I tried it on the back patio at first:

 but then I decided that it probably wouldn't weather too well out there exposed to the elements, so back indoors it came and it ended up in the family room where we watch TV together in the evenings:

 It is probably the most appropriate place to display a reminder for peace - those TV remote control tug-of-wars can be quite lively between the cub-a-lubs!! LOL:)

Peace has actually been on my mind a lot lately. I tend to prefer peace and quiet to noise and chatter. I often find that I need to take time-out from little voices and constant interruptions. Maybe it's the busy life I lead and the job I do but I find myself craving peace sometimes.  Did you know that peace is mentioned in the Bible 400 times? I reckon it must have also been pretty important to God for Him to mention it 400 times!

But I can't help wondering why peace is so very often elusive though! Some people find peace in prayer, or meditation or in nature.When we are peaceful we are able to reflect and think more clearly about any problems we may be having or just about life in general. 

It's hard to feel peaceful when you are worried though. Last week I was so worried about an Australian citizenship test that we had to sit! We had to study a 60 page booklet on Australian history and politics etc. Not My Strong Point. I needn't have worried though- we all passed with full marks, God is good! We have been through so much - relocation, studies in a foreign country, temporary visas, bridging visas, permanent visas, piles of applications and all  the other changes that emigration brings. Now that it's over though I am looking forward to finding a little bit of peace from all that paperwork! 

What brings you peace? I would love it if you would leave me a message to tell me!

God bless,


Debbiedoo's blogging and blabbing said...

That is so darling Karen. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Karen, I love this! It's just perfect! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

jeanetteann said...

Lovely post Karen.
At the moment we are sitting in our sunroom,a place that overlooks the garden and a very peaceful place. Well that's the usual,but right now we are listening to every dog in the neighborhood barking and howling. One started all the others off and the neighbours, whos dog started it all are inside ignoring it. Now, after that moan, the very thing that gives me peace is my garden and sewing room. USUALLY, xx

trumatter said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful post Karen...not to mention, I love the peace sign. Being a working woman I completely understand you. But you know, I do think it is completely within one that the seed of peace rests. External noise can only amplify restlessness. It cannot create. Just close your eyes when you are restless, it helps.

So, have you migrated to Australia recently? Wish you all the best, from the bottom of my heart. Peace is necessary and you'll find it within you.


Johnnie said...

Ok. I am so glad I stopped by and saw this post. First of all, that peace sign is adorable. Secondly, we have that same couple figurine on our fireplace mantel. I love it!
Finally, I am so happy for you that you all passed your citizenship test!
It is easy to be at peace when things go our way. One verse in particular brings me the most peace during turmoil:

Hebrews 13:5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said,

“Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you.”

Thanks for the reminder!!
Saved By Love Creations

ღ Life According To Milo ღ said...

I love the look of that sign, both outside and inside. Lol about the remote wars! We have those as well. : ).. Great job!

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

I love your Peace sign! Simply perfect! Thank you for the visit and the sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse. It means the world. Hope your weekend is grand. Toodles, Kathryn

Aimee said...

This is beautiful Karen!

Aimee @ ItsOverflowing.com

A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Hi Karen,

How did I miss this post?!?! I LOVE your little "Peace" Sign! I'm always running around feeling stressed doing this and that, so it's nice to see some "peace!" :) And what I find most peaceful? When my kiddos are tucked in safe and sound in bed at night, and I am relaxing with my hubby after a long day/week. Just knowing all of them are safe and sound near me, gives me the greatest peace. :) Happy Holidays to you!!!

Hugs from Cali,

Natasha in Oz said...

Please accept my very belated but very heartfelt congratulations on passing your citizenship test! That is such wonderful news!

Cheers, blessings and best wishes,

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