Wednesday, 27 July 2011

No more Monet!

I hope you are having a good week so far. For me, I have been so busy back at school that last weekend seems like absolute ages ago, and our trip to Perth feels like a distant dream! I did promise to tell you more about what we saw in the city though, and what better way to tell you than to show you? One of the things we came across was this Monet inspired tea-set. 
Monet tea set
It might be the artist in me, but when I saw it, I fell in love. As I opened the box for a closer look and handled the delicate cups, I stood there and daydreamed about buying it and taking it home. I pictured it taking pride of place on the Welsh Dresser in the dining room. I saw myself hosting a little tea party and sharing the beauty with my friends: the pretty poppies in the field with their heads merrily bobbing in the breeze, the elegant ladies in beautiful dresses as lovely as a picture.I called to the family excitedly and pointed out my find, waiting for them to applaud me for my good fortune in finding such a treasure. The cub-a-lubs were the first to come over, eager to see what their mum was so excited about. Inexplicably, though, their interest turned to that glazed eyed look that I usually see when I am teaching the rules of apostrophes to the year 2s. Never mind, Hub-a-Lubs would be more supportive, I was sure of it. Now, my man is not an artist, and he tends to see things in black and white, so he usually trusts my judgement on all things home-related. He peered into the box, looked at the teacup and saucer and said, "Hhmph..pity you don't have enough Monet to buy it" and walked away, much to the amusement of his children and I am sure, several other shoppers.

So no Monet for me, I'm afraid. But it was a lovely daydream! 


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Catherine said...

LOL I love it - particularly since I totally get the "glazed expressions"... what a fabulous tale AND a shame too that you couldn't take them home.



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