Sunday, 31 July 2011

Happy Christmas in July

Happy Christmas in July!
Every year at this time we get together with our friends to celebrate what has come to be known as 'Christmas in July'. If you live in the Northern hemisphere you might think the people Down Under have got it all Upside Down, but Christmas here is in the hottest month of the year, and who wants Traditional hot turkey, gammon and egg-nog in 38 degree heat? Many of us are originally from the Northern hemisphere and we do miss fireplaces and hot Christmas meals, so we take advantage of the cooler weather to experience them. So come and join the fun with us:
No table is dressed without its candles!
 We go 'the whole hog' - tree, table decorations, potatoes, gammon, veggies, eggnog, crackers (called Bon-bons here), poppers, tinsel, music - you name it. We even have Kris Kringle gift time.

Table for thirty two, anyone?
 The table was set for 32, and looked very festive.

Christmas Chandie
 Even the chandies were treated to a Festive Face-lift! (No, they're not mine. The party was at a friend's house this year.)
Music! Maestro, please
Middle Cub-a-Lub provided some of the music for the night. Look at the concentration on his face. Isn't he adorable?
Name place holder
I made these cute name place holders for everyone. Look at the craft page for a tutorial on these.

It was a lovely night filled with fun, fellowship, friendship and a lot of laughing. My sides are still sore!

Today is only the 31st of July, so if you are quick you still have time to have your own 'Christmas in July' celebration. Send me some photos.
God bless,

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